Take Action

The defense of freedom and equality are everyone’s concern. Standing against religiously motivated and socially endorsed antipathy to both secular and LGBTQ people, especially so. When saddled with the cloak of religion, discrimination and antipathy experience an artificial and undeserved social elevation and insulation. The LGBTQ Humanist Alliance is committed to working together for a better, more inclusive world in confronting social deprivations and antagonism that disproportionately target LGBTQ people.

Together we can make a difference.

Action Alerts

Action Alert megaphoneThere are always pressing matters that call out for our united efforts. We regularly post Action Alerts on important issues that demand all of our attention. If you know of a pressing matter that you feel the LGBTQ Humanist Alliance should take action on, please contact us. Please check out our Action Alert page to see how you can help. 

Conference Calls

Conference Calls telephoneWe are just a phone call away. The LGBTQ Humanist Alliance hosts monthly conference calls in order to evaluate and announce any LGBTQ-related developments, progress, or news. We also use this platform to field cultural climate research from local areas within the nation. Please visit our Conference Call page for more information.


Projects Icon Rainbow USA MapThe LGBTQ Humanist Alliance is working on several advocacy projects, and we would like your help. Join us as we promote Humanist Pride, gather Our Stories, build local groups, and partner with national LGBTQ organizations to combat discriminatory legislation and various forms of social marginalization that affect the LGBTQ community.