About the LGBTQ Humanist Council

The LGBTQ Humanist Council, a project of the American Humanist Association, is a forum for LGBTQ Humanists and allies to come together, build community, exchange ideas, promote the humanist philosophy and values, and work together to achieve full social and civil equality of LGBTQ persons.

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The LGBTQ Humanist Council pursues our mission though working together at the national level to build a thriving grassroots network of local affiliates. Our goal is to have a local affiliate in every U.S. State, as well as every city with over a million people. The purpose of this grassroots network is to cultivate safe, welcoming, and affirming community; to funnel local news and other issues for national dissemination; and to articulate the values of the humanist philosophy and ethics across the country.

Through this grassroots network, we work to advance the full social and civil equality of LGBTQ persons, and build relationships with other corresponding and allied communities. This grassroots effort also seeks to prepare projects at the national level to be executed at the local level in furtherance of our values and aspirations.


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Jason Frye, Coordinator.

Jason FryeJason Frye has served as the coordinator of the LGBTQ Humanist Council since 2010. Jason has previously served as a member at large on the Humanist Society’s board, chaired the AHA’s Chapter Assembly Executive Committee, is currently a Humanist Celebrant, and a member of the AHA’s speaker’s bureau. Jason has served as the President of the Humanist Association of San Diego since 2003, written the City of San Diego’s official Charles Darwin 200th Birthday Darwin Day proclamation (2009), as well as a San Diego National Day of silence proclamation (2009).

Roy Speckhardt, AHA Executive Director

Lucas McCahill, Gender Issues advisor